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Legal Services

Working around the every gallery of department's related to real estate and tourism, we're able to provide you all services under one roof.

We're involved in approval of many prominent projects of Himachal Pradesh.

All kinds of projects are covered in our legal setup.

Every legality around land and building is addressed by us.

Land Procurement

Procurement of land under HP Tenancy & Land Reforms Act, Section 118 

  • Essentiality Certificate from concerned department 

  • No Objection Certificates/NOC’s required from: 

  • HP Public Works Department 

  • HP Town & Country Planning 

  • HP State Pollution Control Board 

  • HP Irrigation and Public Health Department 

  • HP Forest Department 

  • HP Fire Services Department 

  • HP State Electricity Board 

  • Respective Gram Panchayat 

  • Preparation of Architectural Proposal 

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report/DPR 

Land Legalities
  • Registration of Land, mutation, procurement of original revenue documents from Revenue Department 

  • Demarcation of Land from Revenue Department​

Town & Country Planning/Tourism Department

a. NOCs from relevant departments for construction:
   i.     HP Public Works Department
   ii.    Consent to establish from HP State Pollution Control Board
   iii.   HP Irrigation and Public Health Department
   iv.   HP State Electricity Board
         1. Power Availability Certificate/PAC
         2. Construction Power Supply
         3. NOC for Construction
  v.    HP Forest Department (if required)
  vi.    Permission for borewell/Ground Water Resistivity Test
  vii.    Respective Gram Panchayat

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  • Registration under HP RERA

  • Completion/Occupancy Certificate from concerned regulatory & planning department

  • Environment Clearance from SEIA/EIA

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